During our stay in the 1st mobility of the Erasmus + Project Jobs4Future in Bucharest we met Maria, one of the students of the Romanian Team who hosted us there. We want you to know her and why she loves writing. Thanks Maria for participating in our school magazine.

Introduce yourself.

Hello everyone!  My name is Maria Teodorescu, I am 17 years old and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I am just a normal student at “Ion Barbu” Theoretical Highschool, where I study social sciences. My dream is to become a literature teacher and to be also a writer and to teach in universities. I have to mention that I discovered my passion for writing thanks to my literature teacher to whom I will always be grateful. Also, thank you so much to our Spanish partners for this opportunity. It’s a great honor for me to be part of your magazin

What kind of writing do you do?

I usually write prose, especially short prose, essays or, sometimes, a kind of poetry – short writings, whose lyrics do not rhyme. Some time ago, someone called this kind of poetry – which is modern poetry – “poetry in broken lines”. This was really touching for me because the themes of this kind of writing are – when real artists are writing them (Rupi Kaur is an example) – sadness, pain, helplessness in the face of awareness of the limitation of the human being, the idea that love is never enough to save someone and so on. So “poetry in broken lines” for broken souls…

Why do you write?

That’s a very good question, and it is quite difficult to find an answer.  First of all, I write because I’m a bad person and because writing is art. I don’t think – and I hope I will never have this opinion – that my writing is art. An amazing person from my country, which I do not know personally, Raisa Beicu, says that “There is something in everyone’s soul that only art can fix”, so this is the first reason: there is something inside me that only art can fix and writing is just one of the ways I try to find art. I also try to find art in flowers, books, people’s eyes, sky or words full of kindness and gentleness.

Secondly, I think I write because it makes me feel closer to a very important person in my life who has been very kind with me while I wasn’t. Even if it doesn’t seem obvious, there is a very close connection between what I said above and my writing. When I write I feel that I am not me, that I can get rid of myself, that I can get out of me, because I can be anyone I want. I can create not only a new and better version of me, but a whole new me. I can afford not to exist when I write, and this is one of the best feelings I’ve had

In which ways does it help you?

I don’t think that my writing is powerful enough to help me considerably, but I guess if it ever will be, it will give me the freedom of no longer be afraid that the world is not enough. I think that the greatest help that writing offers me is the one that I have already mentioned, the one that makes me feel closer to a certain person. This thing is reassuring me even if most of the time is painful.

Can you recommend us a special book you have read?

I have to say that I am not wise enough to recommend books – and even the wisest people need time and information to recommend books – but it would be a pleasure for me to mention some of the books that I love (because is impossible for me to choose just one book, that’s why I don’t have a favorite book): “Lady of the Camellias”, Alexandre Dumas Fils; “Glass garden”, Tatiana Țîbuleac; “The summer when my mother had green eyes”, Tatiana Țîbuleac; “Women’s lies”, Ludmila Ulițkaia; ”The Last Night of Love, The First Night of War”, Camil Petrescu; “The most beautiful book in the world”, Eric-Emmanul Schmitt

Do you remember the first book you read?

Yes, I do. My first reading was “Heidi, the mountain girl”, Johanna Spyri. Even if I can remember that the book has impressed me, I think that I started the passion for literature with the Harry Potter books series, J. K. Rowling, when I was 11 or 12 years old.